Your words are containers of power

Your words are containers of power. With the tongue we bless God and curse men. “From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things must not be so.” (James 3:9-10) What does that really mean? It is understandable that we should not curse our fellow man. However, any time you utter a […]


Texas Artists and Art Movements

Edgar Byran Davis – Philanthropist From “Texans Always Move ‘Em: A Texas True Story” When Texas savage hunter Edgar Byram Davis struck oil near Luling, Texas, everyone benefited. After making a profit on his discovery, he used his funds to improve Texas. Davis celebrated by hosting a huge free barbecue. He invited friends, employees and […]

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My pinay craving took me to Max’s

My feet took me to Max’s restaurant in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) for lunch today. My hunger pangs begged for something to really satisfy my almost quivering body cells as the clock ticked near 12 noon and I was able to grab a meal to nourish my depleted energy. Today I wanted a balanced meal […]


Yummy Yummy: Wiggles’ 7 Best Business Lessons

At Macquarie University in the early 1990s, three Australian early childhood education students, Murray Cook, Greg Page and Anthony Field, decided they had an urge to dress in brightly colored suits, red, yellow and blue (respectively). that look like the uniforms from the original “Star Trek” series. It wasn’t long before Anthony Field’s bandmate in […]


Review: Thor: The Dark World

To no one’s surprise, the world of Marvel Comics lives on after The Avengers. This time, the cameras and the story return to the world where Thor resides. It’s called Thor: The Dark World and it catches up on his story while also introducing some new characters who arrive with some bad intentions. It’s a […]