What you need to know about resumes

A resume is supposed to give your employer a picture of who you are. When the employer reviews her resume, she should be able to learn about her work experience, skills, education, achievements, career goals, and awards she might have earned. types of resumes There are three main types of resumes you can use: chronological, […]

Legal Law

The Debt Relief Law

What you don’t know about the business of getting out of debt will cost you. The question you must ask yourself is how much are you willing to pay for freedom. Quite simply, the options are (1) pay it all off in the usual way; (2) negotiate less than what you owe through negotiation; (3) […]

Real Estate

Avoiding Shell Trusts and Trust Schemes – Part I – Shell Trusts

Legitimate trusts are tools used by qualified estate planners and their clients to accomplish certain goals, including, but not limited to, controlling the disposition of assets, avoiding probate, reducing administration costs, saving estate taxes, and preserving family heritage for future generations. Unfortunately, trusts are often used for inappropriate purposes. Lurking in the shadows are scammers […]

Tours Travel

Wine, Cheese and Food Pairings – Festivals

Ok ladies…forget wearing that bikini (that’s why the tankini was invented) and have some fun! Check out some of the most popular food and wine festivals across the country The New Orleans Food and Wine Experience. Well…there aren’t many places that know food better than the Big Easy. Your friends will have to get you […]


Types of electrical appliances we use daily

The important role that a series of household appliances play in our daily lives is undeniable. No doubt, man depends on different types of home appliances and kitchen appliances such as air conditioners, LCD TVs, heaters, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, etc. All of these devices are known to lighten our load and make life easier. Today’s […]