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Developmental Trauma: Can Developmental Trauma Cause Someone To Lose The Will To Live?

What someone can find, if they were to reflect on their life, is that it is difficult for them to be motivated. Therefore, if they feel the need to do something, it may not be long until they no longer do so.

Thanks to this, it will be a challenge for them to stick to things and move on in life. They could then be used to see the people in your life moving forward, while standing still.

a different direction

On the other hand, it might be more accurate to say that they will not stand still; they will be going backwards This could mean that they will do something for a living that is not very fulfilling.

It could just pay the bills and allow them to be close to their fellow man, but that might be as far as it goes. Because of this, it probably wouldn’t bother them if they didn’t go back to work again.

other element

However, it may not stop there, as in addition to lacking the drive they need to do the basic things in life, let alone anything else, they can often feel very depressed and even consider ending their life. . When this happens, they will not want their life to go on any longer and will be happy to end the day.

If, then, you feel overwhelmed in general, when this happens, you will feel totally overwhelmed. It may be as if most of their energy has been drained from them and they cannot see a way out of the hole they are in.


After a while, and this can last a few hours, days, or even weeks, they may be able to get back up. This does not mean that they will now be alive; no, it means they will be able to work.

They can go to work, look happy, and smile when they feel the need to. But, underneath the act they perform, there will be someone who has very low energy and is about to fall down once more.

a great fight

Maintaining this act will require a lot of energy, as will keeping your inner experience at bay. As the years go by and they get more worn out by life and what’s going on inside them, it’s likely that they’ll find it harder to move on.

This can mean that they will have even more mental and emotional downfalls and that it will be more difficult for them to maintain their facade. Naturally, the sooner they seek support, the sooner their life will change.

a result

If they were to see their doctor, they might end up on medication. What this can do is allow them to feel a little better and may even improve their motivation.

But even if this approach works, it’s highly unlikely to resolve what’s going on at a deeper level. It is likely that he simply suppresses what has entered his consciousness.


Alternatively, they might end up searching for answers online; this being a time when they will be told that they need to ‘master their mind’. By gaining control of your ‘negative’ thoughts, you will be able to change your life.

What is going ‘up’ will be the problem and therefore it will be essential for them to deal with this internal material. Again, even if this approach works, it’s unlikely to actually address the underlying issues.

two areas

So a doctor may see them as a machine that is not working properly and that is why they need medication to correct their ‘chemical imbalance’. On the other hand, the person who says they simply need to sort out his thoughts will see them as a wandering intellect whose thoughts have just been all over the place.

In the first case, one will simply be a powerless victim who is nothing more than an observer of their experience, and in the second, they will have power but who they are will begin and end with their conscious mind. In both cases, the fact that they also have an unconscious mind will not be mentioned.

going deeper

In order for you to understand and then resolve what is happening to you, you will probably need to let go of the ‘chemical imbalance’ view and go beyond your conscious mind. What is happening in your conscious mind, which can be seen as the tip of the iceberg, is probably a sign that there is a lot of material in your unconscious mind that needs to be worked on.

Your conscious experience, challenging as it may be, will be a consequence of what is happening to you in the part of your awareness that is hidden. When it comes to what is happening at this level, it may be because of what happened during its development years.

back in time

As infants and/or young children they may often have been neglected and when attention was paid to them this could have been maladjusted care. Not receiving the love, care and attention they needed would have left them deeply traumatized.

But, because they were totally powerless and dependent, they would not have been able to do anything about what they were going through or run away. Their only option was to disconnect from themselves and enter a closed, collapsed state.

a brutal time

While this would not have stopped what was happening, it would have prevented them from being aware of it and thus ensured their survival. Their developing brain and nervous system were not equipped to handle the stimulation they would have experienced.

There would have been times when death was seen as the only way for what they were going through to come to an end. This would not have happened, but a large part of them would have died and this is likely the part that is trying to get into their consciousness.


Not feeling motivated, feeling depressed and even suicidal will then be symptoms of something else. Dealing purely with these symptoms will be similar to cutting weeds at the top.

If someone can relate to this and is ready to change their life, they may need to seek outside support. This is something that can be provided with the help of a therapist or healer.

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