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How to create a music box, Part I

Every day we are bombarded with noise. We live in a world of noise and stress, from the roar of an airplane overhead to the honking of car horns as we sit in traffic. How crucial it is, then, to find an outlet to relax our bodies and minds. For some, this may mean listening to the delicate, dreamy sounds of an inlaid music box, enjoying the notes of a beautiful musical jewelry box, or relaxing as a little ballerina twirls in a ballerina music box. For others, it might mean creating your own special music box. When it comes to making a music box, there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account. These are choosing a title for the music box, evaluating one’s creative ability, and choosing a musical movement.

music box title

Choosing a title for a music box is simple. One can use the songs that were used for the musical movement or just choose a favorite song that goes with the theme of the music box. There is no right or wrong way to do it; just pick a title you love.

skill levels

Anyone can make a music box. There are music boxes that are very simple to make, some are more challenging, and some can be quite difficult. Just choose to make one whose instructions you can easily follow based on your skill.

decorative accessories

This is the fun part of making music boxes. Many accessories can be found at craft stores like Michael’s, Ben Franklin’s, Joann Fabrics, or your local Wal-Mart or craft store. It doesn’t really matter where the accessories come from. Just have fun with it!

musical movements

Musical movements can also be found at craft stores. Sometimes, since accessories for musical movements can be hard to find, some ceramic shops can order the accessories for you. Another important aspect to take into account is that the different manufacturers of musical movements and accessories make their own models for the production of pieces. So make sure all the parts are working properly before you assemble a music box.

Music boxes have a way of relaxing us and making us dream of days gone by. Whether it’s an inlaid music box, musical jewelry box, or ballerina music box, they’re the perfect escape. Creating your own is also very special. Why not take some time and start right now?

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

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