Lincoln Navigator: What’s so special about the 2009 Navigator and what to expect from the 2010 model

The new Lincoln Navigator was released in late 2009. Out of the top 9 large luxury SUVs, this car ranked fourth out of the top nine contenders. This rating is based solely on its performance and the 50 solid positive reviews recently posted, so you can be sure the ratings are fair and definitely credible. It is a full-size luxury SUV car, which is a strong contender in its class.

The Navigator is praised by many reviewers for its comfortable cabin, space, and style. Many of the car reviewers consider it a good alternative for one of Cadillac Escalade. Compared to Cadillac, Navigator is not superior either in terms of fuel economy or engine power. However, some of the car reviewers have chosen the Navigator over some of the Cadillac models. In today’s market, Navigator is available in both a long-wheelbase L version and a basic version. It also comes on four wheels and an optional two-wheel drive.

The 2009 Lincoln Navigator has many surprises under the hood, so the expectations of the next generation. 2010 model are even higher. It is expected to come with a minor facelift and enhanced features from the 2009 Navigator.

As of now, only a few stunning images of the 2010 Lincoln Navigator are available on the internet, along with tentative specs, but nothing has been officially stated by Lincoln to date. So, let’s wait and see the show.

In the meantime, you might want to take a look at these amazing Lincoln Navigator pictures here.

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