Our Hyster Forklift Review

Hyster forklifts They are manufactured and distributed by an American company NACCO Materials Handling Group. They have distributors all over the world, Adaptalift is currently the Australian distributor for the new Hyster forklift range.

The Hyster DX range of forklifts emerged after the Hyster XM range of forklifts, from 1998 to 2006. The Hyster DX range of forklifts was replaced by the Hyster TX range of forklifts.

The Hyster 2.00 – H3.00 X – DX range of forklifts were manufactured at NMHG’s Japanese plant and imported to the Australian market. Design-wise, they were a huge leap forward from the XM range.

Hyster forklifts are intended to make these forklifts a forklift that outperforms and lasts longer than its closest price competitor, which was the Toyota 7 series range.

Some basic improvements to the XM range

Service Intervals: Increased up to 3,000 hours between routine services, allowing the end user to save on maintenance costs.

Warranty: They introduced a 3-year warranty option, while the standard was still 1200 hours for 12 months, their three-year warranty was increased to 3 years from 3600 hours (conditions applied).

The Hyster Parts Promise – Now this is where you get the gimmicks, they always had a Woolworth promise for their parts, if they found a cheaper Hyster part elsewhere they would top it by 10%. It’s all good to promise, I’m not sure how often something like this would be used as its usually emergency breakdowns make it easy to need most forklift parts.

Side Access Panels – Changed access to the engine compartment to include drop down side panels and forward-sloping hoods, allowing greater access for the technician who had to repair the forklift.

Floor Panels – They also included lift-up floor panels, which when you use the side access panels, you get excellent unrestricted access to the engine and drivetrain. Technicians often love this as forklifts are very difficult to work with.

Steering: Hydrostatic steering has been around for a while, but Hyster redesigned it with 40% fewer parts repaired.

Dash: The dash was redesigned with a steel finish in mind, allowing for great wear and tear and durability.

Cab mounting: The driver’s cab is suspended on the chassis at 4 points and with the rubber block supports of the steel axle. results in a fairly comfortable ride and prolongs component life due to vibration and road bumps, which also helps operators with back problems.

Operator Cab Design

Hyster forklifts certainly changed their operating cab enough to tell the difference between the Xm and the DX.

Hyster has a few unique things about them, with hydraulic operator functions as standard next to the seat, as well as monotrol pedals, allowing steering and acceleration in a single pedal. A word of wisdom that monotrol pedals take a bit of getting used to, we’re not really fans of them, but when operators get used to it, they love it.


There’s really nothing new here with all the standard stuff included, like. Hour meter fuel and coolant temperature gauges, warning lights, charging circuit, engine oil pressure, automatic transmission oil temperature, seat belt fastening, glow plug, and sediment diesel fuel only. with air restrictions, brake fluid level and low coolant warning lights are optional.

The steering column also tilts to accommodate the operator’s position, they included larger non-slip side steps in the frame.


They had quite a few options to choose from, if you look at them second hand now it’s worth opening the hood to see what’s underneath.

They usually come in two options LPG or Diesel, it would be quite rare to find the option of gasoline or dual fuel with these forklifts.

LPG / Gasoline Engine Options

Mazda M4-2.0G engine or Mazda M4-2.2 G engine.

Diesel engine options

Mazda M4-2.5D engine or M4-3.0G engine.

Optional equipment

Hyster forklifts generally give you many optional extras to consider, the Hyster Dx range was no different so just check what you are looking at if you are buying a second hand Hyster DX forklift.

Integral Sideshift Cart – This type of integrated sideshift cart allows for increased capacity and reduced overall truck length.

Seat: The Sears Lo-rider semi suspension seat

Wheels: They also offer a dual wheel option. If you’re looking for a second-hand option, don’t worry, just talk to your local forklift dealer about installing an aftermarket kit.

Tires: Factory comes with tires, but you can also get solid puncture-proof tires or green or white tires that don’t mark.

Cooling system, anti-clogging: a reinforced copper tube and a finned radiator.

Manual Transmission – Offered, but we’re willing to bet none made it into Australia.

Levers – There are quite a few options here to consider, the hand / foot controls for the forward / reverse levers being hand controls with manual transmission.

Warning and Light Instruments – A complete warning and light kit option was also included,

Weather Cover – Protections against the rain, includes windshield and wipers, rear and side curtains with roll-up type and tiip-up.

Exhaust and air system: a vertical exhaust or dual elements

Valve and Hose: It is standard with 2 valves, but it can operate 4 valves very easily. Allowing a large number of additional accessories on the forklift, such as push-pull accessories.

This range of forklifts was a commodity range for Hyster, which was sold in and around the Asia Pacific region. Between 1998 and 2007, eventually being replaced by the TX range. The new median retail price was between $ 25,000 and $ 35,000, depending on the options you were looking for.

You can find a used Hyster Dx forklift for between $ 5,000 and $ 15,000 again, depending on the condition and age. Being a Mazda engine, it is quite easy to find parts for service and maintenance. As a second-hand option, these forklifts are suitable for an application of 25 hours a week or less as they age.

But if they are cared for and serviced regularly, you should make them last for decades to come. so talk to your local dealer if you are interested in buying a used Hyster DX forklift.

Examples of Hyster forklifts for sale

2001 Hyster H2.50DX

2000 Hyster H2.50DX

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