Peyton Manning Sales Secrets: What Sales Professionals Can Learn From Peyton Manning

The new quarterback for the Denver Broncos, superstar Peyton Manning is an accomplished professional athlete. As a salesperson, he can be inspired by his approach to the game of soccer. In this article, he will discover Peyton Manning traits that he can use to become a superstar sales professional.

Be the best at what you do

Peyton Manning is arguably the best football player on the field today because he is totally involved in the game. That’s not an accident. You can easily see his passion for the game and his willingness to do whatever it takes to be the best. This means that he exercises regularly, even in the off-season, continually studies the game and does what he can to be an admired team player.

What this means to you: If you’re a sales professional, go all-in. The world does not need occasional salespeople. You need salespeople who are working on their sales skills, studying the business of sales, and being admired for their teamwork.

What have you done today to “work” on your selling skills? (Hint: reading this article counts.)


Peyton Manning is a class act. My fellow professional speakers who share the platform with him tell me he’s a really nice guy. You can tell that he cares by the way he interacts with his teammates and fans. In his comments about joining the Denver Broncos, he praised Tim Tebow, whom he is flamboyantly replacing.

What this means to you: Being nice goes a long way in pretty much every profession. It’s easy to be nice. Instead of being critical, be supportive. Instead of saying “no,” say “yes!” Instead of getting distracted, focus. Instead of being selfish, be selfless…at least some of the time.

In today’s world of sales, that means stop texting, put your cell phone away, and pay attention to the people in your presence. Just watch what happens!

Create real value for your team

Peyton Manning creates rabid fans and creates genuine value for his team. Due to his positive personal characteristics, he is highly sought after for endorsement deals and attracts a lot of viewers to the games he plays. What this means for his team is that they can charge more for advertising, increasing their revenue. He also elevates the quality of the team’s brand.

Compare this to the New Orleans Saints who have admitted to paying bounties to players to injure opponents. That damaged his brand. While it’s football, there’s no need for a bad sport. It’s a game, not a war.

What this means to you: Look for all the possible ways to increase your value to your company. Do this by building better customer relationships, building more trust with decision makers, and positioning yourself to be called to the table to discuss more opportunities. These actions build the value of your personal brand and the brand of your company by increasing the value of your team.

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