Saint Lucia Property for the Private Investor

Saint Lucia is located 21 miles south of its nearest neighbor Martinique, 24 miles north of Saint Vincent, and 100 miles northwest of Barbados. This 238 square mile island is the second largest in the Windward Island chain, a subgroup of islands within the West Indies.

The island is made up of majestic mountain peaks that drop into the tropical jungle, quaint fishing villages, elegant plazas, and beautiful beaches. It is for travelers who seek pleasure and enrichment through the wonder of the unknown, the adventure of the unknown, the freshness of the untouched, and the excitement of the exotic. Diving, snorkeling, sailing, yachting, windsurfing, hiking, running, and horseback riding are just a few of the adventure activities that await you in St. Lucia.

Tourism is vital to Saint Lucia’s economy and its economic importance is expected to continue to increase as the banana market becomes more competitive. Property in Saint Lucia tends to be popular due to the tropical climate and landscape of the island and its large number of beaches and resorts. Other tourist attractions include the world’s only volcano with a drive-in cinema, Sulfur Springs (in Soufriere), the Botanical Gardens, rainforests and Pigeon Island National Park, which is home to Fort Rodney, a former British military base.

The Marquis Estate luxury development is creating 1,500 jobs during the four-year construction period and an estimated 2,000 more in various resort positions upon completion. From green guards to housekeepers, lifeguards to croupiers, from tennis coaches to conference center managers, they will be required. The new jobs created will be offered with full training and support to students leaving St. Lucia schools who wish to enter any of the resorts business sectors.

For the private investor, the Marquis Estate development offers rental guarantee packages facilitated by a significant proportion of the properties that have the option to place themselves in the hotel rental management program. This has been critical to the success of previous developments and the high levels of interest from investors around the world.

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