TO "$ 5 Add a line" it’s a good deal on a cell phone plan, but you can’t beat it for free

The cell phone industry is very lucrative. This is why so many companies offer good deals on phones and service plans. They want to take over your business, but it is a competitive market and the consumer may be the winner, if only you know where to look. T-Mobile’s “$ 5 to add a line” cell phone plan is a great deal, but you might not have heard of another from the same company because it’s not advertised. You see, T-Mobile, Sprint, and a company called Liberty International have recently teamed up to create a very innovative offering. Now you can get your unlimited calling plan for free by subscribing to one of their special service plan offers. All you have to do is refer three people to the same plan you signed up for. Most people know a few friends or family who are looking for a better calling plan, so this may be what you need.

And the deal improves a bit. For many of you who have always wanted to start your own business from home, now is the time to do so because T-Mobile, Sprint and Liberty International also offer budding entrepreneurs and veterans alike the opportunity to start their own virtual wireless store. in the web. What is a virtual wireless store? You have the same kind of access to devices, phones, service plans, and residual income that retail store owners have, but you won’t have to pay rent, hire employees, file paperwork, or inventory inventory. All transactions are done online.

So, if you’re looking for a good deal on a phone plan, now you can get yours for free and start a business without having to make an investment.

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