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What are quartz crystal singing bowls?

Facts and Information on Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a special type of instrument on their own, and while they may share some things in common with their metal singing bowl equivalents, they have their own history, properties, healing qualities, and uses. Read on to find out how quartz crystal bowls came to be, how they are unique and special, and what they are primarily used for.

What makes them special?

Crystal singing bowls are made of pure quartz. The human body is said to have many crystalline structures, such as our bones, DNA, blood, and even certain parts of the brain, and these structures have a natural resonance with quartz. Even our cells contain silica, the same substance found in quartz. These natural affinities cause these crystal singing bowls to naturally heal our bodies. Quartz singing bowls, unlike their Tibetan counterparts, can also be tuned to a specific note. This makes them perfect for sound healing and specific balancing of specific chakras.


While singing bowls have always been used for spiritual and religious purposes, crystal singing bowls find their roots in a more modern and, some would say, completely alien origin. These quartz bowls began to be made in the 1980s as a by-product of the computer industry. They were used to contain computer chips that needed to be heated to incredibly high temperatures. The scientists would actually throw them away after using them! After a while, someone realized that these crystal bowls, being made of pure quartz, must have special healing qualities and began to purchase and sell these by-products of the computer industry on their own.

how they are made

The bowls are made through a special and quite complicated process. The purest sources of silica sand are first collected for the manufacturing process. This sand is then dropped into a centrifugal mold heated to over 4000 degrees Celsius. This process melts the sand and fuses the particles into a solid crystal. After that, the crystal is tuned to a specific note, one so strong it’s noticeable even 2000 feet away. The sound qualities of crystal singing bowls rival the highest quality instruments ever produced.

These are just a few facts about the special qualities of quartz crystal singing bowls, and as you explore further, you’ll be sure to find much more fascinating information about these objects.

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