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3 Places to Get Away from the Crowds in the San Francisco Bay Area

Headlights have always intrigued me a lot. There is something magical about these homes as they stand alone on the seashore, ready to offer help with their flashing lights and fog horns to ships during storms.

The lighthouses are considered castles of America, offering history and sharing many stories from the Lighthouse Inn keepers. It is fascinating to hear the folk tales these innkeepers share with us.

In reality, lighthouses are scattered throughout the United States and are most prominent on the east and west coasts and in the Great Lakes region. Are there lighthouses that offer you overnight accommodation?

Let’s take a private tour of a taste of Northern California lighthouses. Did you know that there are 3 local lighthouses in the San Francisco Bay Area available for an overnight stay? All three are approximately 45 minutes from the cities of San Francisco and San José.

The first lighthouse we will explore is the East Brother Light Station in San Pablo Bay. This light station is one of the oldest working headlights on the West Coast with a working lens and a fog signal that you will become familiar with. It is a Bed & Breakfast Inn, open from Thursday to Sunday, where you can stay overnight. You will receive a gourmet dinner and breakfast during your stay along with a tour of the gardens. Your money spent here has an impact as it goes directly to the non-profit organization that was established for upkeep and upkeep of the buildings. This stay is really for the adventurous, as you must park your car and ride a boat that will pick you up and take you to this serene island in the bay. Remember, it is rustic, with limited profits. It is also open for day trips to explore during the summer.

East Brother Light Station, Elan and Katy Stewart – Lighthouse Innkeepers

For a more affordable stay, travel south of San Francisco, on the coast, to the Point Montara Lighthouse. This lighthouse was established in 1875 on one of the most treacherous coasts due to the dense fog that San Francisco knows. It has been restored and preserved by Hostelling International – American Youth Hostels and CA State Parks in cooperation with the US Coast Guard and is open for people to participate in the mystical forms of a lighthouse. You may enjoy the occasional great view as it is not always surrounded by fog. There are hiking opportunities and many attractions to see in and around this home.

Point Montara Light Station

Always a favorite, the next lighthouse is further south, on Highway One, south of Half Moon Bay. At 115 feet, Pigeon Point Lighthouse, is one of the tallest lighthouses in America. Despite the fact that the royal lighthouse was recently closed in 2001 due to damage, the grounds and the lodge are still open to stay. Guided half-hour history walks around the lighthouse grounds are available from 10am to 6pm. M. At 4 p. M. From Friday to Sunday, except on rainy days.

It’s great to be adventurous and find some of these places where we can still get away from the crowds in this congested region. Think about it, this is right in the backyard of the San Francisco bay area. Be alert to the high and low sound of the fog horns that you may hear!

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