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Are you looking for a new hobby or craft?

Are you looking for a new hobby or pastime that will become your means of artistic expression, relaxation, or just plain fun? I can’t even think of how many times I googled “new hobby” hoping to find some lost art form that had somehow escaped my notice for all these years.

-I want a hobby that is fun and rewarding.

I want a hobby that I am passionate about.

-I want a hobby that is cheap so I can do everything I want.

-I want a hobby that is easy to start, but gets more challenging the more I do it.

-I want a hobby that makes me unique and interesting, something you can talk about with others…

Look no further than the unique idea of ‚Äč‚Äčartificial rock construction… seriously. If you’d bear with me for a moment, building artificial rocks is an incredibly easy, cheap, and rewarding hobby with some pretty neat benefits.

-Artificial rocks are very rare and often misunderstood.

-A real artificial rock looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds exactly like natural stone

-Artificial rocks are much lighter than real rocks.

-Artificial rock is made up primarily of sand and cement, which are the two most available and affordable building materials on the planet.

-Rock building techniques allow you to build statues, backyard waterfalls, ponds, memorials, and even large projects like swimming pools, climbing walls, etc.

Rock sculpture at a basic level requires almost no artistic skill. If you’re the epitome of anti-skill when it comes to art, you’ll still be able to produce an absolutely convincing recreation of natural stone on your first try. Being artistic certainly helps create dramatic and offbeat pieces, especially when you get into statues, waterfalls, and larger pieces.

Even the most basic artificial rocks are in high demand for local sales. Artificial rock construction is a relatively unknown industry with only a handful of long-term and generational professionals.

Keep in mind that if you want to buy rocks for landscaping, you’ll need to consider placing them permanently in your yard by hiring a crane to place them. This is expensive, to say the least, as well as impossible to update your patio in the future without major expense.

Artificial rocks are cheap to produce and look exactly like real stone. They are dramatically lighter than real rocks, making delivery and placement much easier. Artificial rocks last forever with virtually no maintenance and can be updated by repainting in the future if you want to change the look of your yard.

Building artificial rocks is just the tip of the iceberg for this hidden gem hobby. Building artificial rocks will lead to larger projects like ponds, waterfalls, statues, directional markers, monuments, novelty items… concrete is literally the most versatile building material in the world, so you can make almost anything using techniques construction of artificial rocks. Once you have started building statues and larger projects, you will already have a business as there is always someone who wants to buy your unique creations. Pretty soon you’ll have orders lined up ahead of time and you’ll need to train someone to help you!

Consider that artificial rock is priced at over $85.00 per square foot of coverage in some areas, artificial rock contracting is one of the most expensive applications you can buy, much higher than standard construction services. This is because artificial rock is a niche market with very few, if any, competing companies in most areas. You couldn’t ask for a better, more promising, more flexible and more profitable new hobby.

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