SIP trunk: numbers 1300 and 1800

Australian companies using a SIP backbone platform can purchase special numbers such as 1300 and 1800 to attract customers across the country, usually this will remove the long distance calling barriers that allow companies to tender their services not only locally but also in other states. However, there is a big difference between the two that should be considered first before purchasing either.

Your SIP trunk provider can easily generate 1300 and 1800 numbers for your business, however, remember that the main difference between the two is how the call is charged. On a 1300 number, callers are still charged a local rate in their area and the rest is paid by the company, however if the caller uses a mobile phone, regular charges may apply to their carrier. mobile telephony, while 1800 numbers are the free direct line in which the company pays the entire cost of the call. The latter usually has a more expensive line rental as well, but if used with SIP trunk rental it will only vary between $ 30- $ 45 depending on the provider.

The common factor between the two special numbers in their operation, basically they are routing numbers. This means that a call is not received directly from a 1800 or from a 1300. If a call comes through these numbers, it will be forwarded to another number, usually your main business contact, so it will continue to go to your business PBX, which will ensure that the call will still be treated as a regular call and your PBX will still be able to help you bid for your services.

With the many benefits for which both special numbers, the Australian demand continues to grow probably due to the most competitive market in any niche and with the demand comes supply, before acquiring 1300 and 1800 numbers is a bit of a problem not to mention expensive therefore, only the big players. they have such a phone number, but today almost all telecom operators, from traditional systems to SIP providers, can easily provide one.

Competition between providers paved the way for better rates and line rental rates, which is a great benefit for companies. There are some service providers that offer free calls; Usually the first few minutes, some offer a free setup fee, while others offer very low fees. However, it is imperative to look beyond those factors and consider the quality of the line. Feel free to shop around and find the best possible deals and since these are just routing numbers, you may have a different provider than your PBX and SIP trunk.

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